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All orders are shipped via The United States Post Office.


USPS PRIORITY MAIL to all 50 states.

Order 2 or more DVDs and postage is free in the United States!

USPS Priority shipping costs are as follows:
Up to $104.00 is $6.00;
$104.00 OR GREATER is FREE

Priority Mail Delivery Time
Orders are shipped within a few days, and in most cases are delivered within two days.
If you require Express Shipping, please place your order by phone.
Jane Jones Studio: 303-94--8481
Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
Mountain Time
Express Mail Delivery Time
Most orders arrive the day after shipping and we will do our best to ship the same or next day as the order arrives.
If the shipping time will be otherwise, we will contact you.


USPS Priority shipping costs are:
To Canada:
for up to 2 pounds
$37.00 for over 2 pounds

To all other countries:
$33.00 for up to 2 pounds
$48.50 for over 2 pounds
Priority Mail Delivery time
The United States Post Office states that the order will arrive in your country in 6-10 days, but the time can be longer (weeks) because of the customs process in your country. So far, every order I have sent has arrived at its destination, but I cannot be responsible if your order takes a couple of months (yes, it has taken that long) to arrive. Usually orders arrive within two weeks, but the delay can happen. I cannot track Priority Mail and cannot be responsible for lengthy delivery times.
Please, do not take this has become a problem no matter where I ship!

$40.95 for up to 2 pounds to Canada
$59.50 for up to 2 pounds to other international countries

Express Mail Delivery Time
By selecting Express Mail, your order should within 3-5 days and it can be tracked.

If you have any questions or would prefer to give your order over the phone, you may call me at my studio:
303.940.8481. Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm Mountain Time

Thank you,
Jane Jones